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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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14 years later and so are american heroes rm tomorrow night in a world exclusive, the three american heroes who took down that terrorist on a train in france last month speak to the "kelly file" together. thanks for watching. tonight -- >> i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about look. >> donald trump tries to clarify his gomts carly fiorina. then dr. benjamin carson attacks trump's faithful. >> that's a big part of who i am. >> our panel reacts to the latest campaign jabs. plus, new poll numbers show trump is surging and hillary clinton is sinking. we'll have a full report. and we'll have the latest developments in the clinton server scandal. all of that plus 2016 gop presidential candidates. governor john kasich and senator
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rand paul. "hannity" starts right now. the new poll number show dr. benjamin donald trump and donald trump are surging. and standing by at the "hannity" big board with a full report is the co-host of fox and friends. >> we have some new numbers to report. a new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump and ben carson pulling away from their republican rivals. trump takes the top spot with 32%. become the first candidate to cross that 30% mark for this particular poll. as for dr. carson, he continues to improve his position as well taking second spot with 19%. former florida governor jeb bush at 9%, followed by ted cruz, mike huckabee and scott walker. on the other side, it is hillary clinton's servinger scandal that appearing to be having a big impact on the polling number.
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vermont senator bernie sanders beating hillary clinton in iowa for the first time this election cycle. his lead is small. and within the margin of error. he is still beating clinton 41-40% other. poll numbers show sanders is still ahead of clinton. and we'll be keeping our eye on these number for you. >> thank you. and donald trump is feuding with his republican rivals. we'll get back to trump's back and forth. first, the republican front-runner is causing controversy by taking shot at carly fiorina. while trump was being interviewed by rolling stone yesterday, trump said look at that face box anyone vote form? can you imagine that? the face of our next president. she's a woman and i'm not supposed to say bad things but really, folks, come on. are we serious?
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last night, fiorina responded to those comments. >> i'm not going to spend a single cycle wondering what donald trump means. but maybe, just maybe i am getting under his skin because i am climbing in the polls. >> probably did i say something like that. i'm talking about persona. i'm not talking about look. when i get criticized for my hair, which isn't that bad. you've seen me. it is not that bad. when i get criticized about my hair, nobody does a story about isn't that terrible, they criticize donald trump's hair. the fact is i probably did say that about carly or something, in a jocular manner, obviously. >> here with reaction, peter johnson jr., and the co-host. good to see you both. to see you. >> you have to give him credit. they made fun of my hair. i'm just being jocular about it. every time someone thinks they have a big controversy on donald trump, his numbers rise.
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is this a big deal some. >> no. i think it will help carly fiorina. >> interesting. why? >> because it makes her not look like the victim. >> she has been running a great campaign. look, we're all turned into the news cycle. especially personally. and her response was masterful. she used it as an opportunity not to play in the mud with trump but remind people that she is pulling ahead which i thought was a great way to put it. . it isn't surprising. >> rosie dropped a new bombs on donald trump first. i used the term, combined political gravity. the juggernaut who keeps going
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up, even with women. i think the conduct is he wrote him. he won't be hurt by it over time. i think he can aspire to greater things. he is matter is, he can do better. he doesn't need to engage in that. syria, russia, the economy, getting people back to work. off food stamps. the juggernaut that he could be, the raw nerve that he was touching with the american people. can everything to the next level. 32%, the next level? >> and then democrats. how do you motivates hispanics, when you're insulting women. >> what about black america? >> he absolutely is.
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he can improve. a better candidate. >> this is interesting. 17 candidates, he gets 32%. far and away the leader of this race. he only has 28%, only has 26. we'll have rand paul on later. he has been going after donald pretty hard and jeb has been battling. i think it almost seem coordinated. it seems like they're a little tired that he has been sucking all the oxygen out of the room. >> i think they're trying to get their own ink by attacking him. they're trying to imitate him. you can imitate but you can't replicate. there is only one donald trump. rather than push out some 37-point economic plan or put
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people to sleep, it is very different. he is just saying, we're going on win. we're going to make america great again. do you think that maybe that donald trump has shown that you can be more genuine, more sincere, more free, less focused, group oriented. in other words, let it loose a little bit. there is a limit to it and when you hit that limit, you need to show people the diversity of your viewpoints. even as bush says, how do you bring everybody into the tent. how do you bring everyone together while making america great again and speaking truth to power. >> for the republican base, and you know this from your radio show. we saw a nice guy in romney who
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didn't want to go negative. they're sick of it. they want someone who will stop apologizing. they want someone to go fight. >> let me ask you. >> i want to add to his point. >> okay. >> i think it is a very good one. i think he has to figure out a strategy if he wins iowa and new hampshire. they won't react the same way. fiorina will cry and play the victim. >> that won't work. conservatives like myself, these guys promise that they would repeal and replace obamacare themselves wouldn't use their constitutional authority to defund it. they promise in the 2014 they'll stop executive amnesty and the illegal order of the president. now they have within the next three weeks, aem. a quandary. whether or not they'll pass this regarding planned parenthood. i think if they punt, you will
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see the ben carsons, the fiorina, the cruzes. they're viewed as the insurgents. just one more log on the fire. >> everyone is from the insurgents. not only the refreshing sveums they have but how they're going to do it for america. how will trump, fiorina, carson do it for america and for all americans. everyone is looking to see that. >> all right. good to see you both. >> coming up next on "hannity" -- >> that's a very big part of who i am. humility and the fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with him. >> dr. ben carson. he questions donald trump's faith. we'll tell you the response. also, the staffer who set up hillary clinton's server is refusing to taufblg he pled the fifth. plus, the obama administration is talking about taking in 10,000 plus refugees fleeing the
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middle east, syria and iraq. is there a national security risk? and john kasich will weigh in. and rand paul will join in as we continue. ♪ lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm.
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hey! let me help with that.
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oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. the iran nuclear deal surviving a key vote in the senate. democrats blocking a resolution to derail the agreement. the disapproval vote fell short of the 60 votes needed. the democrats say it will not prevent iran from getting a nuclear deal. republicans continuing the push to end government funding for planned parenthood. the house speaker john boehner
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said the vote is to stop the selling of baby parts. a practice that came to light following the release of videos. police confirming an 11th vehicle shooting in phoenix. the random shootings began august 29th. most happening on area freeways. there are no reports of serious injuries. now back to "hannity." a new feud is developing in the republican party between two of the top contenders. this came after dr. ben carson challenged donald trump. >> one of my favorite bible versus, proverbs 22:4. it says by humility and the fear
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of the lord are riches and honor and life. and that's a very big part of who i am. humility and the fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with him. maybe i'm wrong. i don't get that impression. >> those remarks did not sit well with mr. trump. here is how he responded. >> ben carson, you're talking about his faith. go back and look at his past. at his views on abortion and see where he stands. very low key. frankly, he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. if you look at his faith and i think you won't finit. so. i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor. perhaps an okay doctor, by the way. you can check that out too. we are not talking about a great -- he was an okay doctor. ben carson will not be the next president. that i can tell you. >> earlier today, dr. carson did apologize say he doesn't want to
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get into a back and forthwith trump. >> personally, i always feel uncomfortable getting into deeply held religious views of people or candidates. ronald reagan didn't go to church on a regular basis as president. people criticized him. i understand that decision. he doesn't want to put other people in harm's way in any way. he doesn't want to be a distraction. i'm not so sure about a debate like this on religion. >> and that i understand. if 2016 or any other year, trump would be toast with evangelicals with some of the things he said and other candidates would be topping the polls. i think this year is different, i think there's a palpable feeling among evangelical that's this country has been in a downward death spiral since the time barack obama and 2016 may
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be the last time to reverse that trend. in a perfect world, evangelicals would like a candidate who is a committed christian and a competent leader. i think if they had to make a choice this time around, they're going to leave religion out of it and go for the person they can have as a confident leader. >> he said his favorite book is the bible. he said he is affiliated with a clux. he doesn't go that often. he is pro-life. on issues that are important to you. he explained how he changed his view on abortion. you're going to meet with him on this very issue. >> he has called for a meeting with a small group. seven years of barack obama have so lowered the threshold of what we evangelicals are looking for in a president. we no longer require a president to be one of us. we just want one who doesn't hate us like barack obama does.
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>> every rule of political gravity seems to have been suspended when it comes to donald trump. not just that he is doing well among evangelicals. he is doing well among every single faction of the republican party. right, moderates, evangelicals, it doesn't matter. i think ben carson here, those comments, it is almost too much to call them an attack. they're extremely mild. in keeping with carson's character, and with his faith, he apologized for them and said i don't want to get into this. and i really think that will be very appealing to iowa voters. you look at the type of candidates who won in iowa. and usually past the prolog, there it is george w. bush, candidates who are not as manifestly uncomfortable talking about their faith and the bible
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as donald trump. >> historically though, you would agree with me. an evangelical conservative christian candidates would have an advantage in iowa. the polls showed donald trump is killing in it iowa. >> well, look where ben carson is in iowa. he is rising in iowa. ben carson who is clearly a man of faith and it is ridiculous for donald trump to question ben carson's faithful this is someone whose life was saved by god. and he has testified very movingly and powerfully about that for years. someone who nearly stabbed another kid to death, had his horrible fits of temper that he couldn't control. what did he do? he got on his knees and did he what drurp apparently never does a few weeks ago, he asked for god's forgiveness, he asked for god's redemption and mercy. that will resonate with voters. >> if you're looking for humble,
7:19 pm
donald is not your guy. if you're looking for strong -- i can't think of two demetrical opposed than these two guys. and there are things i like about both. >> let's look at what they have in common. they're both outsiders with over 50% of the vote combined. i think the planned parenthood debacle illustrates why people are going for outsiders. i mean, look. planned parenthood has no better friend than the democrat party. it is also true, they have been in the federal budget since 1970. meaning for the last decades, they have received tens of billions of dollars. both you understand democrat congresses and presidents and i think a lot of people look at this and say a pox on both your houses. let's go for an outsider who can change the status quo which
7:20 pm
ronald reagan said is latin for the mess we're in. >> i understand the impulse to go to the outsider. but donald trump as an adult not too long ago opposed a ban on a partial-birth abortion. opposed a ban on infanticide. this was a guy just 10, 15, 20 years ago, who should have had quite well developed views on such important moral matters. and he was completely on the other side. and iowa voters eventually are going to pay some attention to that too. >> good to see you both. you can see the battles lining up. appreciate it. coming up, hillary clinton's former aide who set up the servinger was called on capitol hill. he took fifth. and the obama administration would welcome over 10,000 middle
7:21 pm
eastern refugees despite a dire warning from the director of national intelligence. >> i wouldn't put it past them to infiltrate operatives. >> is the white house putting america's security at risk? 2016 presidential candidate john kasich weighs in next. only nexium 24hr gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
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♪ hey babe, last one home cooks? ♪ ♪ another tie. order in? next time i drive. the right-sized nissan rogue. ♪ the form he state department staffer who worked on hillary clinton's private e-mail server appeared before the committee today where he invoked his fifth amendment right and refuse to think answer lawmakers' questions. if there's no legal issue, why would you invoke the fifth?
7:24 pm
jay? >> well, he's invoking the fifth because he's concerned that the statements he would make would be used in a criminal proceeding against him. and his lawyer said because of that, there may be criminal action. if i were representing him, i would say the same thing because i suspect there is information, if writ made public, might be a crime in and of itself or might lead the perjury. so i think what the senate should do is grant immunity here and get this guy to testify. that's what the approach should be. they're taking the fifth because they're kernds. i've done this for clients before. >> in fairness, could it be a simple issue that maybe he didn't pay taxes on the money that he was given? >> it could be anything. anything that would constitute a crime. what you've got is it could literally be anything as significant as why the server was put in place in the first
7:25 pm
place, why it was put where it was. the reason secretary clinton did it or as you suggested, a matter of, was the money reported or not reported? we don't know that and we won't know that. you grant immunity. >> this is a key point. if congress does grant immunity and he still refuses to testify, he could be held in contempt. >> he won't be held in contempt. in the event there is a vote and then there is an order that he is given immunity, of course he would testify. >> of course he would. but at that point, he is obviously for immunity. there has to be a reason. >> just like jay said. i agree with jay in that he is, this is a good lawyer who is advising his client not to testify in the event that something could be, there could be something used against him in the future. this is like a harry potter excursion on behalf of these committees. what they're trying to do.
7:26 pm
this is a benghazi investigation. they're trying to grab information about the server during a benghazi investigation and they want to turn it into -- >> there were 30,000 -- 33,000 mails that were deleted. a server that was wiped clean and not with a cloth by hillary clinton. he was in charge of it. a serve per had top secret classified documents. >> these are significant issues here. >> yeah. and i completely disagree that this is not within the scope of legitimate inquiry for the united states congress. there are multiple committees investigating this, as they should. you won't argue that this situation, that secretary clinton hoisted upon herself is problematic. of course it is. this is a witness that obviously has intimate knowledge of it. he is being offered immunity which means any statements he uses will not be used in a
7:27 pm
criminal proceeding. >> he hasn't been offer immunity yet. >> i don't think they'll have to go that far. if they do refuse to comply once the immunity offer is granted, that ratchets this higher. >> this rarely happens. i think there is a the love excitement here. the last time this happened was in 2007. >> 33,000 e-mails were wiped out by the secretary of state. that's what rarely happens. >> no. what rarely happens is the immunity order. so there isn't something that happens every day. >> it happens all the time. >> you want to do a witch hunt of hillary clinton. >> you really think it is a witch hunt? you think it is a witch hunt? >> it is absolutely a witch hunt. jay, let me ask you a question. we're talking about crimes here. rudolph giuliani said as many as 13 statutes, he would be
7:28 pm
investigating. we have 18th usc 7 people in. being entrusted with having lawful possession of code books, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blue print, plan, model, related to national defense through gross negligence. permits the same to be removed from its proper place or custody. delivered to anyone in violation of his trust. maybe this i.t. server guy. been illegally removed from his proper place of custody. it is not allowed to be on that server. >> correct. that's precisely why despite the protests to the contrary, that congress has the right to know why that server was set up. how it was set up. what material was contain asked was in fact the person that the witness now, was he authorized to receive. >> so you're basically saying -- >> that's why he is asserting the fifth.
7:29 pm
so we can get answer. >> you don't believe in the fbi. you don't believe in the fbi and an fbi investigation. you think that congress and all the republicans -- there is an open fbi investigation right now and you know that. so -- >> do not -- >> yeah. >> can i -- >> can i have one point? we have checks and balances. congress has oversight authority. we still don't have -- >> they want to hijack this investigation. >> you're saying that. this is national security. it was on a private server and a bathroom closet of a mom and bomb shop. >> i'm not defending the whole weirdness of the situation. >> it is beyond weird. >> go ahead. >> it is serious. we all acknowledge that. you're a lawyer. it is serious. there is a legitimate skoem of congressional oversight to interview witnesses that have knowledge of potential criminal
7:30 pm
activity or violations of other statutes that would impact criminality. the fbi said the scope of their investigation is very limited. maybe it will broaden out now. >> we have to break. >> toy is a that congress under separation of powers is wrong. congress does. the constitution allows for it. and granting immunity is how you get information. you're right. 2007. you look over the last 50 years, grants of immunity have consistently happened when you have situations like this. >> last word. >> i don't have any words. he just took over all the time. this is, there is an fbi, an attending fbi investigation. i agree this is a bizarre situation. why does congress need on hijack one investigation about the server into the benghazi -- >> here's the last question. why did she lie about e-mailing her husband? why did she lie about only using one device when she used two? that's a question for hillary
7:31 pm
clinton. coming up next here on "hannity" -- >> i don't put it past the likes of them to infiltrate operatives among the refugees. >> pay close attention. today white house announced would it accept 10,000 plus syrian refugees into america. is our national security being put at risk? could al qaeda, isis, sympath e sympathizers make it here? i think donald trump is a disaster. i think he'll hurt the country and will lose in a land slide. i will still pledge to support the nominee. >> senator rand paul has declared war against donald trump. ♪
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welcome back. migrants from the middle east are flooding into europe. and today the u.s. announced it would welcome 10,000 syrian refugees. >> the united states is on track to take in about 1,500 refugees. the president has directed his team to scale up that number next year. and he has informed his team that he would like them to accept at least 10,000 syrian refugees. the top priority when evaluating these kinds of options is the safety and security of the united states and our citizens. >> now this come just one day after the national intelligence director issued this very important warning. >> this is, you know, getting to be in its totality, a disaster of biblical proportions.
7:38 pm
i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate. so that is a huge concern of ours. i'm not as uniformly confident about each european country that is going to be faced with welcoming, or allowing refugees into their countries. so this is a huge issue for all kinds of reasons. >> joining me now, presidential candidate john kasich, governor, look. my heart goes out to the people that are refugees. genuine refugees. europe. we see what they're dealing with. we spent $4 billion already on syrian refugees. and the price tag keeps going higher myself question is if the president will take in these people, how do we ascertain
7:39 pm
people that are genuinely fleeing isis in iraq and the war torn syria from those who want to bring harm to our country? how do we ascertain that? >> this would be a place where we ought to all work together. i think at this point i would welcome the congress to weigh in and make sure we have a procedure that can verify who these people are. there is nobody in this country that would want somebody connected to isis to be able could come in here. >> governor, i don't want to interrupt you but how do we determine that? they're trained to lie. >> it is how we determine a lot of people that come into this country legally. we try to do the kind of check and if it requires a change in immigration, which i think frankly, we need. i wonderful say to these people, you can't come in. we have the statue of liberty that says give us your tired, your poor. the people who want to be free. we're not taking the bulk of
7:40 pm
these. this is a european problem. we ought to do some of what we can do to help including logistics. i think we ought to use this situation as an opportunity to get closer to our european allies. so when we want to extend sanctions on russia, they'll work with us. when we say we will form a group with isis, we can get them. we've become estranged from people who ought to be our best friends. look at this as an opportunity. >> our own state department, our own government is saying it is possible these people could have isis and al qaeda ties. i don't see any way to separate the majority of good from the few bad. that means in the process of trying to be good people, we're going on put americans at risk. we have 94 million americans out of the labor force. 46 mol food stamps. don't we have to take care of the people at hole first? >> you know that we have to.
7:41 pm
we're also a global leader. and we can't just put our heads innocent sand when something like the happens. do i think that we can create a system where we can determine these folks are? i would sure think so. if we can't, we would have to look at it again. i think it is possible to do. that one other point the make, the reason we face this now, we had a red line in years. i can't we didn't support the rebels early on. u.s. leadership has aggravated this situation. there are many stories, all the way into world war ii where we refused to take a boat load of people into there country. and we don't really know what happened to them. they happened to be friends of the jewish faithful it is not the same as this. but america has always been lik. we have to make sure that we properly take care of our security. to just say no because we're not 100% sure, i don't think is the
7:42 pm
right support. we'll have to disagree. i would say this. i would bring the best people in and make sure we're not taking bad people in. >> if we could ascertain that, i would be more inclined to do it. >> you would be. your family wouldn't be here if there were not immigration. >> i know. but there is different. al qaeda wants to take down the great state. and you know that they'll put isis fighters and al qaeda fighters in that group of refugees. >> i've been calling for boots on the ground with the coalition of our partners for, i don't even know now. months. maybe even close to a year. we have to go and destroy isis on the battlefield and we have to destroy them in the battle of ideas. both of them. if we were to just say, hey, we're not getting involved. we're not interested. i want to build a closer
7:43 pm
relationship with our european allies. i don't care what it takes. let's get the political correctness out the door and figure out who they are. if we can't figure it out and we think they hold a danger to us, then of course we don't get them in. i share your concern. i think we know meet it it. i can't guarantee anything. nobody can. but i think it is our responsibility in terms of the global crisis. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> coming up next right here on "hannity." >> i think donald trump is a disaster. i think he'll hurt the country and will lose in a land slide. i will still pledge to support the nominee. >> 2016 candidate rand paul is declaring war against donald trump. he'll explain next.
7:44 pm
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we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >> test test. >>
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i think donald trump is a disaster. i think he'll hurt the country and will lose in a land slide. i will still pledge to support the nominee because i think hillary clinton is the worst person on the plan tote run the country.
7:49 pm
and i think the e-mails have cemented the notion that she has bad judgment. >> how could we think somehow donald trump will help us? he is the consummate insider. what's wrong with washington? people buying and selling politicians. what is donald trump known for? buying and selling politicians? >> that was kentucky senator rand paul going after his republican rival donald trump. and explaining now 2016. the republican candidate, senator rand paul. 32% in the latest poll. i noticed both you and ben carson and carly fiorina and jeb bush, you are punching hard against donald trump. is that a preview of coming attractions next week? >> i think there is a celebrity factor going. on i think once people know who he is as a person and he's been on the wrong side of so many conservative issues for so many years, i got involved in politics through the teem. and we were upset about fake
7:50 pm
conservatives, republicans who said they were conservative but then really were not so. one of the big issues back then was the bang bailout and the government stimulus. well, trump was for both of them. and trump has been for raising taxes. he has been he was been for raising taxes and for imminent domain, taking small properties for big businesses. i think we need to be careful we don't succumb to celebrity and all of a sudden get a fake conservative. >> so you think of the 32% that support him in the recent poll on the screen tonight, that they're being bamboozled and you don't think a lot of this is maybe rooted in the fact, and i would separate you and ted cruz, as people that are against the establishment. but, i think that republicans in many ways have earned the
7:51 pm
contempt of conservatives. do you not agree with that? >> yes. i think he' into dissatisfaction with washington. what people haven't quite come to grips with yet, and don't know yet is that he's not a conservative. he believes in using the government, the full force of government to take property from a small property owner, and give it to a big business, like himself, that he has been for a single payer health care system like obamacare. that he's been for abortion before being against it. i think once people know that, they will say yes. i like the way he's angry at washington. now, discover that -- >> everyone of the questions that you just brought up, i have asked him. he supports health care savings akchlts i know his comments about single payer. i asked him about one-time support of a tax on the wealthy.
7:52 pm
explained it. are you saying that you just don't like the fact he changed his position? you don't believe he's a conservative now? >> i don't believe he's a conservative. i have no idea what he believes in because he's been on both sides of every issue. as an adult he's been a progressive democrat. he's had a realization he has a better chance in the republican party. i believe he's pretending to be conservative because of his sort of desire to be all things trump, all things to all people. but i don't believe it's genuine, or sincere. >> i want to ask about the syrian refugee crisis. the president is taking in at least 10,000. probably more, senator lindsey graham says the u.s. should take in its quote, fair share of syrian refugees or, he says take the statue of liberty and tear
7:53 pm
it down. do you think that is a good idea? how do you ascertain refugees versus those affiliated with al qaeda? >> the thing is that we do have to be careful. one young man left afghanistan, he was 19 years old, all we had for identification was political asylum from hungary. this is a terrible humanitarian crisis. also a recipe for disaster if tens of thousands of people -- >> would you -- >> i would be careful. though 60,000 iraqis that came over, some of them, in my town, bowling green, kentucky have tried to attack us. we have to be very, very careful. in some ways by have to not be part of such a mess that allows disaster and famine to continue
7:54 pm
over there. >> thank you, senator rand paul, appreciate it. >> thanks, paul. >> when we come back, our question of the day, a very important question, straight ahead. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle. it's where brains meet brawn.
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welcome back to "hannity" time for our question of the day. do you think america should be taking in refugees from syria, iraq, the middle east. we have sympathy for people having to deal with isis and al qaeda. how do we determine whether or not those people, some, maybe just a small portion to be affiliated with these groups? the groups may infiltrate the refugee groups? anyway. what do we do? let us know what you think. that is all the time we have left this evening. be sure to tune in tomorrow night, friday, 10:00 eastern for a special edition, fox news reporting, september 11th, time line of terror, this friday,
8:00 pm
10:00 p.m. hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity". we take attendance and when you're not here we're upset. we want you here. anyway, thanks for being with us. have a good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> were you and donald trump have a few things in common right now. [inaudible] >> i don't in any way deny my faith in god. that probably is a big difference. >> all of a sudden becomes this great religious figure. i don't think he is a great religious figure. >> oh my god! a faith controversy breaking out between trump and carson. the doctor will be here tonight. >> having trouble sleeping at night? too much energy? need some low energy? jeb. for all your sleeping needs. >> a trump ad again playing the boring card. but is that fair to governor bush? we will have analysis. also ahead, d


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